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Interior Painting Resources

Interior painting requires preparation, execution and sometimes troubleshooting. Whether you want to gather inspiration for an interior painting project or learn how to fix common painting mistakes, this section will give you the information you need.

Painting Supplies Checklist – Before you go to your local hardware or home improvement store, check out this list of painting supplies to avoid forgetting a necessity.

25+ Amazing Paint Color Ideas – The perfect shade of paint can transform a tired room into a welcoming spot for company or brighten a boring kitchen. Find your inspiration by checking out the above link.

Interior Paint Ideas and Schemes from the Color Wheel – Read this article to gain an understanding of the color wheel, which will help you choose a color scheme that will suit you and your home perfectly.

The 10 Paint Colors Designers Always Use – Discover the 10 paint colors designers use as their go-to options without fail. These tried and true choices are a no-brainer.

Fix These 10 Painting Mistakes – From sloppy drips to patching problems and everything in between, find out how to correct these common painting mistakes.


Exterior Painting Resources

When planning to embark on an exterior painting project, it’s all about what you know that can make things go more smoothly. Rather than puzzling over the prepping materials you need or giving yourself a headache when trying to choose a color scheme, check out the following resources first.

Exterior Painting – From where to begin with your exterior painting project to how to paint architectural ironwork, this resource is a wealth of information.

Painter Forum – Visit this forum that’s been around since 2004 to get free advice from professional tradesmen and housepainters. Expect accurate and informative responses when you post a question, or you can choose to browse questions and answers on the forum.

Style Guide: Paint Color Inspiration – While white or light colors may seem like safe choices for exterior paint, many other suitable colors exist. Follow this link to get inspired.

Best Exterior Color Schemes – Are you stumped when it comes to choosing paint colors for the exterior of your home? Utilize the advice from this Better Homes and Gardens article to pick the perfect color scheme.

How to Paint Your House’s Exterior – Find out what professional painters know about exterior painting. This helpful guide will assist you in knowing how to prepare to paint, paint and clean up afterward.


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