Neutral Bedroom Design Ideas


One way to create a neutral bedroom design without overpowering the room with too much white is to use a subtle wall design and then neutralise the room with white painted furniture. This works by offsetting the wall design to create an airy, natural looking room. Bear in mind that different shades of white will work better with different colour schemes. For example, cream painted furniture will add warmth to a room that has cool tones such as mint green, grey or lavender, while ivory painted furniture will work best with warm or earthy shades.

A neutral room design doesn’t have to rule out all colours, it simply means using colour and pattern sparingly to avoid overpowering the decor. One way you can add design to your room while maintaining an overall neutral look is to use a feature wall

Keep all other elements of the room in neutral shades such as whites, creams or greys, and choose natural, light wood shades for furniture. For example, our popular Oxford and Island Breeze painted bedroom furniture is available in some beautiful wood colours, including natural oak, a warmer victorian oak, or frosted oak, which is a light, fresh white-washed oak that shows off its beautiful grain

To make one of your walls into a feature piece, paint the wall a stand-out colour or apply a patterned wallpaper. You could also choose to leave the wall painted a neutral colour, but add artwork or photographs to draw the eye. This allows you to add a bit of personality to the room without overpowering the look.

If you do want to introduce brighter colours into a neutral room design, that can easily be done without clashing too much with the otherwise calm and peaceful decor. You simply have to practice restraint! Instead of laying a coloured or patterned carpet, add a colourful rug to the floor. Instead of using bright bedding, keep the sheet neutral but add a pop of colour using cushions or a throw. This will allow you to inject your favourite colour scheme into the design without creating a room that is too over the top.

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