Romantic Bedroom Design Ideas for Him and Her

Romantic bed curtains

Drape some bed curtains

To really add a touch of romantic intimacy to your bedroom, why not look at hanging some luxurious curtains around your bed? Not only does this allow for you and your partner to spend some quality time together in your own private little word, but the dramatic sweeping sheen of curtains also instantly adds both personality and style to any room. Though many often make the mistake of thinking that curtains are only an option if you have a four poster bed with pre installed curtains, this is most definitely not the case. By installing a railing to the ceiling above your bed, you can hang whatever style of curtain you choose, creating a personalised romantic den all of your own.


Hang some couples artwork

When it comes to interior design, you can never go wrong with a bit of wall art, and if you really want to push the boat out and get creative, why not add some personalised couples art to your bedroom? From hanging a photo of the two of you together to purchasing some stylised lettering to make up your initials, there’s no end to the options available to you.


Create some mood lighting

If you’re trying to bring a little romance into your home, then look no further than installing some mood lighting to instantly transform your bedroom into a romantic space for two. Whether you opt for a decadent chandelier, a high-tech dimming switch, or even a few flickering romantic candles, there’s no end of ways you can manipulate and use lighting in your room to create the perfect intimate bedroom setting.


Romantic bedroom ideas

Splurge on his and hers storage

When it comes to our partners, no matter how much we may love them, there’s perhaps nothing more infuriating at times than trying to navigate the difficulties of bedroom storage. When sharing a room, it can be difficult at times to sort out whose things get to go where, so why not make things easier for yourself and invest in some cute his and hers storage? Not only does this make things significantly easier in terms of spacing, but it also adds a romantic and undeniably personal touch to the bedroom.


Add some luscious layers

When it comes to adding some intimate luxurious touches to a bedroom, nothing quite makes an impression like some beautiful decorative throws and cushions. Though a duvet and some plain pillows may get you by just fine, to truly add some personality to your bedroom, try adding some layered throws, blankets and decorative pillows to bring your bed to life. Not only does this instantly transform a room’s look, but it also adds a cosy intimate touch that’s perfect for those long evenings spent cosied up to your partner, simply enjoying just being with each other.

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