4 Ways To Shift From Project-First To Client-First Approach

Keeping clients and stakeholders satisfied and happy is not an easy task. Delivering a good project and attract more customers is a greater challenge. Good client relations is the key to the success of any business. It will create a reputation and increases the chances of growth for any agency. If you properly manage your operations and your team is collaborating with you can focus on developing your client relationships. 

Cohesive and automated operations

Changing the priority from a project-first approach to a client-first approach starts with agency operations. So, the important recipe for success begins with the automating of those operations. There is no success when your internal operations are not aligned and projects are poorly scoped. It is a waste if people working overtime but there is a lack of internal communication. 

Team members know who they are working with

The second way to move from a project-first approach to a client-first approach is to collaborate with your clients. Team collaboration is also important because team members are the backbone of your project’s success. You should build strong relations with your clients and provide a platform that displays project deadlines, and provides visibility of what you and your team are working on increases transparency. To complete the work within deadlines is depends upon how your team is working. 

Accurate reporting makes all the difference

It is not sound exhausting looking into five different places to find one metric. But mostly, the metric is probably inaccurate. Although, having disjointed operations, causing the focus to be on the project-first rather than having a client-first, so too do inaccurate reports. When the management system is connected and real data transfer across the whole agency brings transparency in the business.

Your secret weapon

Work more efficiently with Artificial Intelligence (AI). An AI automated project management platform and team members can quickly log their time to a task making it easier for them to get their work done by taking care of manual project work. In addition, your agency gains more accurate reports on where time is spent, and on which project.

By optimizing resource schedules with automated allocations, it will improve the way of your work, and how you manage future projects. This automation system acts as a strong and a secret weapon for your agency, by freeing up more time for building client relations, supporting the client’s business, and in turn, filling your agency’s pipeline.

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