5 Insider Tips for Expert Hotel Branding

Entrepreneurs are like homebuyers who build their own houses as opposed to renovating existing properties. Doing this from scratch is a harder and riskier process but it allows you to design a house exactly the way you want it. The same can be said for hoteliers – some like to start a hotel brand by wiping the slate clean, while others prefer to breathe new life into an old, tired brand.

It doesn’t matter whether you are working with a new or old brand, but it is important to communicate your brand concept to your guests. Here are five tips to squeeze the most benefits from your brand, new or old:

  1. Root your brand in consumer insights

It is obviously true that when a brand resonates with the wants and desires of the audience will generate a more authentic and enduring experience. You should prioritize your personal taste and your guests play an active part in shaping your brand. If you are starter then never underestimate the power of social media that makes contemporary traveler tick. 

  1. Build your brand story with loyalty

Audience values honesty and transparency so you understand your position in the market if you want to resonate positively with your guests. Your hotel should build brand loyalty and also be honest with what you offer to the audience. Today’s consumers have a sharply tuned antenna and they will see through an over-pitched or shoe-horned proposition. 

  1. Create a central idea and stick with it

If customers visit your hotel and you offer so many clashing design ideas then they feel like a mashup of makeover programs. It can’t only alienate quests but if they do not understand what you are trying to achieve, they won’t connect with your brand. Don’t know where to start? Look at your history, your passion, your attitude, your location, and your architecture for inspiration.

  1. Make it beautiful 

Today guests’ expectations are more than earlier. It is the next step after knowing about consumer insights, your brand story and your central idea in place to craft your vision with the help of professionals and bring your mental picture to life. Consider how every element of your visual identity is a chance to be beautiful from menus to business cards, to wayfinding and the toiletries you stock.

  1. Throw a spotlight on your location

People give importance to travel so that they experience new places, new sensations and engage with the world beyond their day to day lives. Hotels are perfectly positioned to fulfill all these needs. Make some interior changes in your hotel premises because a well-crafted brand reflects the local culture, surroundings, and history offering an enriching added value experience for your guests. A memorable stay may increase the chances of repeat bookings. 

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