5 ways Technology Is Changing The Guest Experience

Technology continues to shape our daily lives even the hospitality industry. With the use of technologies the customer’s experience landscape has been changed forever. Long wait times and slow responses affect the customer’s experience. Nowadays hotels spending more time improving the technology to enhance the guest experience, within the guest rooms themselves and even behind the scenes for backend operations. A new variety of technologies are used that allow hotels to provide quicker services and more personalized experiences to their customers.

Here we highlight five technologies that you can implement to improve your customer’s experience.

1. Instant Messaging for Quicker Service

Hotels are taking advantage of mobile apps to improve the guest experience. Hotels provide so many facilities to the guests through a mobile app, for example, check the arrival and departure timing, prices for different rooms, services provided by the hotel staff. Through keyless entry, we can check out the growing popularity of mobile engagement with guests. Some hotels include request feature within their apps so the guest can ask questions and check their amenities.

2. Chatbots for Personalized Experiences

Chatbots allow hotels to the hoteliers to stay connected and respond to more visitors at the same time and can automate more repetitive tasks to allow hotel employees to focus on other operations instead. At the same time hotel, personal together will be able to respond to many customers through chatbots and engage more visitors on their websites. It will increase efficiency that generates more profitability. Hotels can send out tailored suggestions and promotions. This feature of mobile technology increases the interest of visitors in a hotel’s services, and guests themselves would appreciate receiving information relevant to their interests.

3. Translations for Overcoming Language Barriers

The hospitality industry has guests from different backgrounds and countries. They speak different languages and come from different cultures, so it is very challenging for hotel employees to cater to all the requests of their diverse visitors. However, chatbots and other new technology can overcome this language barriers and prevent miscommunication. But technology is very useful for hoteliers to improve the guest experience and better serve guests of all backgrounds.

4. Cloud Technology for Centralized Property Management

The hotels used different types of customer-facing technology that directly affect guests. But there are also available other technologies that have less impact on customers. Using cloud technology simply means the hotel’s digital records and other systems are hosted on a vendor’s server rather than the hotel’s. The main focus of cloud-based property management systems to provide a personalized and more convenient experience to the customers. The cloud allows hoteliers to record data on guest preferences and other behavior, such as ordering room service and enjoying spa sessions.

5. Internal Communications Tools for Seamless Operations

Aside from providing the latest technology to guests, hotels should also make sure that their employees must deliver the quality service to their guests and they have all the tools that help the employees in improving the guest’s experience. The hotel staff should also establish face to face interaction with customers. Chatbots can help the hotels in gathering information about guest preferences, but it depends upon the hotel employees to deliver the right kind of service that guests will remember. Effective international communication platforms help employees to always stay connected with as a team, and be motivated themselves to provide high rate services.


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