6 Advantages Of Buying Health Insurance Plan At Young Age

1. Low Premium :

If you buy a health insurance policy early in life, the premium rate that the insurance companies charge you is significantly less. It is because you are healthy and thus, your claim frequency is likely to be comparatively lesser than the people who are more aged.

2. Extensive coverage :

If you are young and fit, a health insurance policy will provide you with extensive coverage with low premium costs. You can also opt for some of the required add-on covers which can further enhance the coverage of your health insurance policy.

3. More options to choose from :

Being young gives you an opportunity to compare health insurance plans before settling on one. The rejection of your proposal form is not likely as you are healthy and young. But, as you grow older, you might not be covered for certain illnesses and you may be left with very few options of health insurance providers to choose from.

4. No medical tests required :

Many insurance providers ask you to undergo a few medical tests & health check-ups if you are old & are willing to buy a health insurance policy. The results of these medical tests are analyzed by the underwriters of the insurance company. Based on their analysis, it is decided whether the health insurance policy has to be issued or not. On the other hand, if you are young, health insurance companies will not ask you to undergo any medical tests and will issue a health insurance policy to you readily.

5. No waiting period :

With the increase in age, most of the people face one or more health-related issues. So, if you purchase a policy while having a pre-existing disease, the coverage for the same will not start immediately after the commencement of your health insurance policy. There is a certain waiting period for the different pre-existing illnesses before the coverage for the same begins. Thus, by investing early in health insurance, the waiting period for certain diseases could lapse by the time you might actually require medical attention for the same.

6. Lifelong renewal option :

With lifelong renewal option, you can secure your finances during all your future trips to the hospital. All you need to do is renew your health insurance policy before the date of expiry of your policy.

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