6 Types Of Adjectives

Adjectives are words that are used to describe or modify nouns and pronouns. Adjectives take many forms. Some common adjectives are formed when we add a suffix to a noun or a verb. For example, when we add the suffix -full to the noun beauty, it leads to an adjective beautiful and adding the suffix -able to the verb read makes the adjective readable. There are many types of adjectives that are used in English Grammar:-


Descriptive adjectives are used to describe nouns and pronouns. These adjectives are used to modify the words to make them informational and qualitative. Words like beautiful, cute, handsome, tall, silly, etc are all examples of descriptive adjectives.


These are used to describe the quantity of anything. In other words, they usually answer the question “how much?” or “how many?”  Numbers like one, two, thirty, etc are this type of adjective. Many general words like many, half and a lot are other examples of quantitative adjectives.


A demonstrative adjective describes which noun or pronoun you are referring to. This adjective includes words like:

(i)  This- Used to refer to a singular noun close to you.

(ii) That- Used to refer to a singular noun far from you. 

(iii) These- Used to refer to a plural noun close to you.

(iv) Those- Used to refer to a plural noun far from you.


These adjectives describe possession, i.e., to whom a thing belongs. Some of the most common possessive adjectives include:

(i) My- Belonging to me

(ii) His- Belonging to him

(iii) Her- Belonging to her

(iv) Their- Belonging to them

(v) Your- Belonging to you

(vi) Our- Belonging to us


Interrogative adjectives interrogate, i.e., they ask a question. These adjectives are being followed by a noun or a pronoun. These are basically used to form questions. Some of the examples of this type of adjectives are:

(i) What- What are you doing here?

(ii) Which- Which color is your favorite?

(ii) Whose- Whose book is this?


Distributive adjectives describe specific members out of a group. These adjectives are used to differentiate one or more individual items or people. Some of the common distributive adjectives are:

(i) Each- Each of the books should be at their place.

(ii) Every- Every rose has its thorn. 

(iii) Either- One between a choice of two.


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