Difference Between Gold Filled and Gold Plated

You have seen gold filled and gold plated jewelry pieces. But do you know what is the difference between gold filled and gold plated? If you don’t know then don’t worry. You are not alone who doesn’t know about it. In fact, nobody knows the difference between gold filled and gold plated. Let’s discuss it. 

Gold Filled

Gold-filled doesn’t mean that it is solid gold as it sounds. Actually gold-filled is composed of a layer of gold bonded with heat and pressure to another type of metal such as brass. All the high-quality gold-filled pieces of jewelry actually look like solid gold. If any item is marked as gold-filled or GF it means the ratio of gold and other metal is 1:10. You think that this sounds like gold plated. 

Gold Plated

Gold plated is more common in comparison to gold filled and you may be more familiar with this type of process. The process of applying a thin layer of gold onto the surface of another metal which is often silver or copper is called gold plated. And this process is done with chemical treatment. There are a number of different types of gold plating that are used by different industries. And manufacturers use this different process depends upon the product being produced or manufactured. Basically silver and brass metals are covered with gold in gold plating. 

Gold Vermeil

The most popular and well-known option in jewelry is gold vermeil. Gold vermeil is a mixture of gold, sterling silver as well as other precious metals. The items who have a minimum of 10 carats of gold and a minimum thickness of 2.5 micrometers are considered as vermeil. Previously this process is called silver gilt, but now its french term vermeil becomes popular was used as the alternative in America in the 1980s. 

Summarizing the Difference Between Gold Filled and Gold Plated

Now you have a clear understanding of what is the difference between gold plated and gold-filled. In gold filling more gold is used than gold plating and it is also more expensive than gold plated jewelry. Actually neither of them is solid gold they both make for extremely popular jewelry options and ultimately they both offer a gold outer layer that provides the cosmetic look we are going for. So the next time when someone asks you what the difference between gold filled and gold plated, you can answer confidently….”They both look great.”

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