Eco-Friendly Rings For Different Occasions

When you make a plan for going out with friends and family for any occasion, you always want to look perfect for a particular occasion. And you also have the right type of accessory that matches with your dress. In particular, jewellery gives a perfect and elegant look and it is a sign of statement, and one of the most beloved pieces to wear are the rings and earrings. Here we have discussed eco-friendly rings for all kinds of different social occasions like parties, weddings, birthdays, meetings and other functions. These all pieces are ethically sourced and sustainable. 

 Music Festivals

Guitar god Keith Richards never wear a wedding band. He always wears a silver skull ring that he had for years. He’s kind of set the benchmark for rock’n’roll jewellery: it has to be silver, right? And Pamela Love uses ethically sourced silver to make skull, bone and claw ring that even Keith would envy!

Gallery Opening

When you get inspired by the beauty of nature then you want to reflect that through your clothing. But you must be very careful about your style when you are standing out in a crowd filled with elegant people who know about art and style. The extraordinary pieces by German-born Ute Decker are little pieces of art in themselves. She describes each piece as ‘geometric poetry’, which makes perfect sense with the architectural precision and organic shapes, she uses for her handcrafted jewellery. She made all pieces from recycled silver and fairtrade gold.

Business Dinner

Business dinner is the perfect time to dress to impress the clients with your dressing sense. You need to look attractive but serious and simple at the same time. You choose something elegant, classy and modern to wear on your wrist. You should use small earrings and a fancy necklace to wear during dinner time. Wear one of these beautiful pieces and bring some of that business goodness to the table, while looking radiant.

Romantic Date

To make the date romantic and memorable with a special one you should prefer something exotic jewellery to wear in fingers. Melissa Joy Manning creates beautiful jewellery inspired by the beauty of nature like Iceland, Morocco and Bali. All of the pieces of Melissa Joy are handmade. These pieces are made up of recycled silver and gold. The gold is sourced from a Green Certified refinery, and the stones are upcycled wherever possible.  I like these delicate, gold stacking ring and prefer you to buy these rings. 

Friend’s Wedding

In weddings, everyone wants to look different and elegant from others. The dressing is considered as a status symbol. Every elegant dress require delicate jewellery but nothing too bling for fear of upstaging the bride! The ethical market has a variety of dainty rings like this ethically sourced silver and opal one that is handmade in Scotland by Bosie Boutique.


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