Five Affordable Marketing Tactics for Small Businesses on a Tight Budget

Keywords play a very important role in building and maintaining the website

Budget is the major aspect to be concerned about the most in a small startup business. A tight budget must seem like the end of the world as we become limited to the resources but it’s not like that with the challenge of the tight budget comes the most innovative and exciting ideas. Following are the FIVE affordable marketing tactics for small businesses


  • Do your best keyword research


The website may not even appear in the search results of the users if it does not contain the relevant keywords the users are looking for. Finding the keywords if the first step and it does not even cost a penny. There are various websites which can help you to find your keywords and that too free.


  • Start or manage a blog relative to your niche


After sorting out the desired keywords, it is important now to adjust them effortlessly on blogs. Content is the king of digital marketing, if you write good quality content it will eventually help you gain the leads. People are normally attracted to the content having the information they are looking for. So try to write and then maintain a blog. It is free.


  • Utilize E-mail marketing tactics


E-mail marketing provides you the facility to easily target the audience in  bulk. E-mail marketing is the process of sending emails to your desired group of audience to make them aware of your products and services. It is a time taking process, but really helpful in aiming a large audience at one go.


  • Show your active presence on social media


Users usually feel connected when they get instant revert backs. This simply conveys that there is a psychological thought that when people got instant replies from the manufacturer or they saw their current active feed they simply create a sense of trust over the brand. So make sure to stay active as much as you can. Although that’s free!

  • Set up your Google business page


It is one of the free affordable marketing tactics when you are on a tight budget. It is very important to google your business as it shows your exact location to the user, so that is anyone who wants to visit and have a view of your place, so they can easily. It also shows all the positive or negative reviews so that the new users can easily judge whether they want to take or reject your services.


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