Getting the Right Information for Personalisation

Personalization is everywhere and it is in trends. Basically it is a lifestyle that is impossible to avoid. From the customized suggestions in google searches to targeted advertising on social media platforms to personal discounts on regular purchases, personalization is the basic thing to be considered. Many companies use the personalizing experience of their customers as a marketing tool to attract more guests and developing brand loyalty. 

Personalization accommodates providers to increase repeat bookings and improving customer reviews. Below we discuss some points that can be done to improve the personalized experience that you are offering to your guests. 

Why customers are demanding next-level personalization

It is beneficial to make contact with the guests by their names across their website and digital communications. This can make guests like they are a very special recognized patron, not a faceless visitor. This is the right step to provide next-level personalization to the guests and also improves the interaction of your brand with potential guests. 

Customers Are Willing to Provide More Data for Personalized Marketing

Good customers are not only happy to provide data for their experience to be tailored to their preferences, but they also expect that you already use their reviews in the right direction. And customers know that hotels need more data in order to deliver a personalized experience and they exchange the data in return for discounts and offers. 

The six principles of personalization for hotel websites

A website is one of the best personalization tools that any property uses according to its requirements. Visitors come to your website and provide information like their gender, their previous purchases, their marital status and so very much more. Past likes, gender or age are less valuable than the number of times on the website, click patterns and country of visit. Sifting through collected data to find what you need to personalize your guest experience is an invaluable exercise but is not the only one that you should undertake when it comes to processing data.

The state of personalization

Not having enough data would clearly be a stumbling block to any property’s attempt to provide personalized experiences, but there is a challenge that is almost as difficult to overcome that of inaccurate data. In their 2018 research paper on embracing the data challenge in a digitized world, Experian investigated what accounted for data inaccuracy, with reasons ranging from a human error to inadequate technology, to a lack of skill, resources, budget, and support. Only 2% of participants in the research claimed not to have inaccurate data in their organization.

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