Good Traits of an Ethical Content Writer

The main benefit of content marketing to build brand trust with the audience. Content is a powerful weapon and wrong advice hurts both brand reputation and reader. So you should provide good content to the readers. The chief responsibility of a content writer to create compelling and evocative content for both clients and business blogs. 

The main point is that you should provide the right content. Here are given seven traits of an ethical content writer. 

1. Includes only reliable and recent data 

If you include relevant data and statistics in your content make a strong piece. Facts and figures convince the skeptical of readers to read the content. This will show your research work. Including statistics in blog posts improves consumer trust and makes the post more attractive. Including more relevant data and statistics makes the post more strong.

2. Give credit where it’s due

When you coping with the data from other sites make sure you credit the original source with clear mention. This facilitates further reading for readers but the main practice helps quality content creators gain the recognition they deserve. 

3. Write for the human readers first

No doubt, keyword research, and optimization for search engines are important but your main priority should be to provide stellar user experience for your website visitors. Don’t even think about stuffing keywords in your content. Keep the language simple and avoid jargon. And when explaining something rather tricky, keep this famous quote by Einstein in mind: “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.”

4. Doesn’t Extend an Article for Word Count

Yes, longer content provides more information and perform better than shorter articles in case of backlinks acquisition, social shares, and search rankings. If you write content that comprehensively covers the topic, you wouldn’t need to worry about the word count. After all, the purpose of your content is to impart valuable knowledge and help your readers solve a problem, isn’t it?

5. Takes Accountability

Content writers are also human. Making mistakes and learning from them. So, if you haven’t already, it won’t be long before you publish a piece that causes a bit of controversy. Content can be subjective and you can’t always please everyone. It’s what you do after making a blunder that matters. 

Remember, your content is meant to drive engagement, which means a healthy (albeit heated) debate is actually good. But if you know you made a mistake, such as inadvertently offending your readers or presenting incorrect information, make sure to explicitly claim full responsibility for it.

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