How Braces Can Affect Your Face and Jaw

How Braces Can Affect Your Face and Jaw


Orthodontic treatment can be used for both kid and adult patients to correct the look. Braces can correct issues like overcrowding, misalignment, spacing, and malocclusion problems. You may not realize that this will have an impact on your face look. Orthodontic problems affect lips, cheeks, and chin to look uneven. Braces help to bring your teeth into proper position.


Here are some ways how braces can improve and affect your face and jaw:


Improves Asymmetrical Faces


Severe overcrowding and spacing issues make your face look asymmetrical. Your lips look uneven and one side of your face may look uplifted. Braces can help you in improving the look of your lips. It improves your overall appearance and also boosts confidence.

Improves the Alignment of the Jaw


Overbite and underbite have an impact on the jaw’s position. In the case of an under bite, the jaw extends outward because teeth are misaligned. But in the case of an overbite, the chin looks weak and lips look hard and come out from the face in an unflattering manner. Braces help in correcting misalignment of both teeth and jaw and it brings the jaw back to its actual position.

Creates a more natural bite


Intercuspation means teeth come down in an even way and rest on the top of each other. This term is used in orthodontics that refers to correcting the misalignment issues that affect a person’s bite. Natural bite looks better for the entire face and also feels better. Intercuspation not only improves your oral health but also reduces the chances of grinding and fracture a tooth during chewing.

Creates more distinct cheekbones and Jawlines

Under bite and overbite affect the cheekbones and jawlines. The uneven spacing in your teeth makes your cheeks look sunken in rather than pronounced. Braces can help to improve the look of your smile that directly impacts your cheekbones and jawline. It will improve your facial structure and give a more youthful appearance. It not only helps in reducing the double chin problem but also puts the jawline into a more even position.


Braces not only improve your smile but also provide other face benefits and you feel more confident in talking and laughing with the people around you. If you have serious issues related to your facial structure, smooth jawline and distinct cheekbones with lips consult your dentist.





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