How Do Mood Rings work?

Let mood rings color show your emotions

We express our feelings in a lot of ways. Mostly people show their emotions through their faces. If someone wears a scowl people will assume that he/she is having a really bad day or maybe they are just suffering from the resting bitch face syndrome. But some people show their emotions through their actions. If you sing a song “walking on sunshine” in the office, then people assume that you are happy and or possibly insane. 

But others choose to display their mood through clothes and jewelry. Mood rings are very useful and these are created back in the 1970’s. Mood rings change their color according to the wearer’s mood. If it turns into pink color, then it shows that you are happy. But if it turns to brown, then it means you are anxious. Many people were very crazy with mood ring. That’s why it became really popular these days. 

How the actual mood rings works

Our body reacts differently according to our mood. When we are happy, chemicals are released in the blood and activates many of our organs. This increase in chemicals affects the heart rate, therefore increasing the amount of blood circulating in the body. And that’s the reason we feel alert and energetic whenever we are happy. This is also why our body temperature increases. 

On the other hand, when we are frustrated and anxious, chemicals in our body divert blood flow to our vital organs and muscles. This is happening because our body is preparing for the “fight or flight” response. The temperature tends to drop and blood is diverted to the internal organs. 

Our body reactions are changes according to our mood. Certain chemicals in our body are released into our blood, causing several responses. That’s the main reason our heart rate changes when we’re happy or sad. Mostly, we tend to have less energy when we are sad. These changes are utilized by the mood ring to change the color.

Temperature is a major indicator during mood changes. Normal body temperature is 98.6 F. And temperature is rise or fall when our mood changes. Mood rings contain thermophilic liquid crystals layered with a protective coating. They are mostly placed inside the ring or at the band. Once the person’s mood changes, the liquid will react to the temperature change and will, therefore, cause the change in the ring’s color.

Actually mood rings don’t reflect one’s mood perfectly, but they are certainly fun to wear. Mood rings are both useful and fashionable. We all have very few pieces that can do that.


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