How is Pearls Formed?

Walking along the coastline of a beach and finds a pearl in the sand. It is just there in the sand in all its iridescent luster.

One may wonder, where did it come from?

Pearls come from oysters, but how is a pearl formed is the biggest question. A pearl is formed from an oyster.  There is a popular belief that it is formed from sand, water and other debris that gets into an oyster. With the passage of time, these can cause discoloration of the pearl as it is formed.

It is actually little and a beautiful piece. A pearl is formed inside an oyster, and it is formed from the wayward food particles trapped in the mollusk. It does not need to be a wayward food particle through, it can be some other irritant. The process of turning out a beautiful shimmering iridescent pearl begins within a live oyster. Pearls are extremely beautiful and special because their beauty comes from living oysters.

They are not gemstones that are being dug up or chiseled out of the rock.  They are not formed from coal the way that diamonds are. Pearls can be formed in freshwater and saltwater environments. These things make the process of their formation more incredible.

So how does an oyster form a pearl? 

When an irritant is trapped within the oyster’s mollusk, then it coats with layers of aragonite and conchiolin. These materials are the same that the animal uses to build its shell. 

Aragonite is a mineral that is arranged in six-sided crystals in flat sheets. The mollusk will build a thin layer of conchiolin.

Conchiolin is a thin membrane forming a protein. This material is called mother-of-pearl. The nacre reflects light and conchiolin gives pearls their high luster.

They contrast when the pearls are nacreous and they have more porcelain and low luster. The small needle-like crystals of aragonite are present in these pearls are arranged at an angle to the surface of the pearl. It is really amazing how pearls are formed. 

Let’s make a fashion with pearls. This is not the only interesting fact that how they are formed. Pearls are classic and they will never go out of fashion or trends. Every woman should have some kind of pearls in her jewelry box. Pearls are the best choice for daily wear or for a night out. Pearls are fits with every outfit. 

Pearls can also be styled with other beautiful jewels for a charming look. Nowadays pearls are in trends and liked by everyone. 

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