How To Develop Your Hotel’s Unique Selling Proposition

When you start your hotel or restaurant business, success comes through a combination of excellence and individuality. You need to ensure that you operate your property effectively; both by avoiding problems and providing something important to your customers. 

Unique selling proposition is everything for hotels. Having a unique USP in this crowded hospitality market is distinguishes you from the competition and allows you to zone in on a particular customer who wants what you’ve got.

In this article, we discuss the techniques you need to follow in order to develop your hotel’s unique selling proposition.

What’s your competitive advantage 

Take a closer look at your rivals. How are they meeting the needs of their guests? What are they doing good and bad? This will require some research on your part, but it’s an important part of the process and success. 

Then compare your performance with others.  Are you doing something that differentiates you from your rivals? If you are providing all these facilities then, you double down on to make it even more appealing.

Who’s your target audience

Create the persona of your customers. Write down the important things for example what you know about your customers and why they choose to stay with you. How are you meeting their particular needs?

What benefits are they typically looking for, too?  Do you know a lot of couples from another city stay the night at your hotel because they’re in town to see a show?


Take a look at your location. What’s Nearby? Are you located in the heart of the city center? Are your hotel location is near a beach, near bars, near a train station?

First, identify your locations and then consider your target market and what would appeal to them. If your target customer is looking for a hotel that is in the middle of the city, push the idea that you’re located in the middle of the city the perfect location. Then it defines all the advantages that your hotel brings – you’re two minutes away from the nightlife and so on.


Vacations always cost money. Sometimes, vacations cost a lot of money. Customers are always looking for the best hotels and deals. While your hotel doesn’t have to be the cheapest, it needs to offer value.

You must have got an added value proposition that goes over and beyond what your competitors are offering.


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