How to Handle Negative Online Reviews_ Tips for Small Business Owners

Negative online surveys can affect your business. The expanded prevalence of social media-based life and review sites implies organizations should be more aware and concerned than any other time in recent memory of what clients are stating about them on the web because according to a survey 75% of the people on the net before buying anything just goes through the review section to make sure how the products and services are.

If you claim a business, online surveys go with the job. What’s disastrous is that regardless of how well you handle your business, a portion of those surveys will be negative.

To put it plainly, a positive review is an incredible method to drive clients and customers to your independent venture. And because of this, many small business owners ignore online reviews as they are afraid of negative comments. But not now, negative comments are also just comments and we should face them when we know we are going in the right direction.

If you don’t have the foggiest idea of how to react, things can get ugly in a rush. In case you don’t know how to deal with online domineering jerks and react to negative online comments, the accompanying tips might help you:


Be calm and react maturely


It is obvious one feels humiliated when they see a negative comment for the work they have worked day and night. If you know that you are doing your best and you are right then you have to hold on your nerves because hyper replies will always harm in a longer view. In such a situation you should take some time to note down your thoughts and get the ideas for a perfectly polite and professional reply.

Take the issue off-line

In the wake of recognizing the issue, offer to deal with the issue disconnected, out of general visibility. Give your email or contact information so you can examine and resolve the issue.

When you have the option to determine the issue, you would then be able to post an open remark on the audit site delineating the concurred result.

Tactfully promote a positive image of your business


Without contradicting the views of the users, with the use of the best possible words tell them that their experiences are one of the rare ones. Positive reactions can be an extraordinary method to turn the tables and edge your business in a positive light—while as yet causing the client to feel heard.

Respond promptly

Negative online reviews should be handled as quickly as one can. The online world works day in and day out and individuals anticipate a speedy reaction. It is critical to managing negative surveys immediately before they heighten and progressively potential clients read those reviews.

The last and most important trick is “ Learn from the bad reviews ”

Just take the online bad reviews as a survey for knowing the user experience of your business. If the same sort of comment is coming up every time then, that means a change is needed.

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