How to Teach Thankfulness in Young Children

What is that thing which makes a person thankful and why is it that we often only acknowledge our appreciation for what is important in our lives around the holidays? While it is true that we shouldn’t only be thankful at the end of every year, it’s actually a very important time to talk to your children about the concept.

This is especially true with preschooler children who always do their best learning a new idea when it is modeled for them. So, whether it is the start of the year or the end of the year, there are easy ways for you to set out your little one the notions of thankfulness, kindness, and generosity and their importance too.

How to teach Generosity to Preschoolers

Set a good example. You are your child’s first and best teacher and role model. If she sees you engaging in generous behavior, she’ll want to do the same thing, so always set a good example in front of her. So if you are buying food for a local food drive, let your child know what you are doing and explain the reason behind it. You aren’t showing off yourself on the back, but you are demonstrating generosity in action.

Let her help. If her preschool is organizing a toy drive, allow her to come with you to pick out the toy and wrap it. Explain to them why toys are being collected and why it is important that you help. If she has a lot of toys and she has no longer plays with those toys, consider her about donating them to needy children or daycare centers.

Start off small. By teaching your child in a simple manner to share with a sibling, you are one step closer to raising a preschooler who appreciates what he or she has.

Praise and scold appropriately. When your child performs an act of kindness. Always say things like, “I’m so proud of you for sharing your toys.” More than anything else, your kid wants to make you glad, so when she does work of kindness, shout it from the mountains. As she gets older, she’ll appreciate your support and effort but will behave in a generous fashion because it makes her feel good. 

Stress the importance of manners. Thank you is a simple word, but it makes a big difference in a little one’s behavior. Talk about why saying “thank you” to someone is important. Remember him a time that someone said “thank you” to him and how that made him feel good inside.

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