Insurance Coaching Tips You Need to Know for More Sales

For those who oversee the sales team of an insurance agency, you know that coaching is essential to each agent’s success. Without effective coaching, revenues remain low. You must handle your team with confidence so that they’re rolling towards more sales each and every day. Here are 4 insurance coaching tips you need to know to achieve more sales:-

1. One-on-One Meetings

How often do you sit down with each agent individually? Many times, salespeople are hesitant to share what their current struggles are when surrounded by the rest of the team. That’s why you need to sit down with each agent alone from time to time. Listen carefully to what they’re telling you and, together, formulate and record a goal of theirs to achieve. One-on-one meetings are also a great opportunity for you to share praises and offer suggestions on how to improve.

2. Coaching Intelligence

Without timely sales reports, how do you know what you need to work on with your sales staff? With full sales reports, you can ensure your sales team consistently achieves its goals. For example, if you want to see how much health insurance one of your agents has sold this quarter, you can pull that report in the sales software. If the amount sold is lower than the goal you had in place, turn this into an opportunity to offer coaching tips to your agent so that they can hit their goal the next quarter.

3. Phone Coaching

In insurance companies, sales conversations take place over the phone are common. Whether in inbound or outbound calls, agents will be selling your services and providing quotes. Over-the-phone sales can be difficult for many agents. This can lead to a decrease in sales performance. Fortunately for you, there are tools to help your agents succeed! With modern technology enhancements, most phone systems and auto-dialers offer the ability to record calls. Then, you can listen to your agent’s calls when you need. Whisper coaching is the ability to be on the call with your agents without the prospect of hearing from you.

4. Handle Those Objections!

As long as there are people in sales, there will be objections that need to be handled. Objection handling is one of the most difficult parts of the sales conversation your agents will face. For those insurance agents who are able to handle objections effectively, they will rise to stardom in your agency and boost revenue. To help every agent do so, you must first practice with them because practice makes a man perfect! Have a weekly sales meeting with your staff and go over current objections your staff is facing. Give a scenario and practice. One way you can assist your agents in objection handling is to develop an internal guide. A guide is helpful and also prevents agents from interrupting your work with questions.

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