Luxury Hotel Services to Attract Customers and Improve Your Hotel Positioning

The hotel industry has welcomed an unprecedented level of luxury. The increasing demand for this extravagance is the increasing guest pursuit of meaningful, personalized experiences that are at the same time unique, exclusive and memorable.

By providing the spectacular 5-star hotel services and make your guests’ happy and your hotel will quickly gain a reputation for an unforgettable experience.

Here we discussed some luxury hotel services that will inspire you:


Personalized firework is another service that helps create a truly unique, unforgettable experience in a part of the world that is known for its mesmerizing natural beauty. Fireworks displays themselves are fantastic explosions of color and light, they’re also often over in just a matter of minutes.


Giraffe Manor is one of most iconic buildings, hosting international guests since the 1930s when affluent Europeans began to visit for a safari trip. The hotel’s most stunning and attraction because of its beautiful and friendly group of giraffes, which year after year continues to entice guests in search of luxury hotel experiences.


Leveraging its position amid a location of natural splendor, this hotel helps its guests by organizing a hot air balloon ride, which promises a stunning experience of a lifetime.

It depends upon a hotel  how to take advantage of its surroundings to offer thrilling adventures and experiences.


Luxury is never having to pack a suitcase, no matter where you go or for how long. Take inspiration from London’s Hotel Café Royal, which offers its guests a personalized, curated styling service for all occasions during their stay. Some guests check in without luggage and find a selection of clothes handpicked by a personal stylist to choose from in their suite upon arrival.


Keeping their vacation private is the minimum that your guests can ask of your luxury hotel and you must provide all the services to them. But, if for instance, you have celebrity guests whose daily life involves being followed by paparazzi, maintaining such privacy presents challenges. Hotel’s staff are equipped with reflective screens, which protect their guests from prying photographers. These “Paparazzi Police” use their screens to shine light at the photographers, which ruins their photos.


For hotels that are located with expansive countryside hills nearby, paragliding is a luxury service that ticks all the boxes. It can be relatively inexpensive to run, offers a riveting add-on experience, and will help move your head and shoulders above your competition.

More and more hotels are trying their best to make their guests’ stay as special as possible so in the near future. Many luxury hotels all over the world provide these unconventional services to their guests and some hotels will be trying to provide these services in the near future.

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