Most common problems that braces can fix

Braces are used for moving your teeth and improving its working. It also helps your teeth and gums in eating more comfortably by spreading the biting pressure across all your teeth.

You must be wondering how these braces work. Basically braces put pressure on the teeth which makes the bone in the jaw change. This allows the teeth and their roots to move easily.


Now when you have understood the working of these braces then let’s discuss how it can fix your most common dental problems:

1. Spacing and Overcrowding 

It is very common to have overcrowded and unevenly spaced teeth. Children have a common problem called diastema in which there is a wide space between their front teeth.

This issue is most probably carried forward into their adulthood too. So this problem can easily be solved with the help of braces.

2. Misaligned Jaw

A misaligned jaw is usually due to an uneven bite. There is severe pain or discomfort in the jaw due to the overcrowding of your teeth. With the help of braces, there will be a positive impact on your facial structure which will make your face look more symmetrical.

3. Overbites and Underbites

An overbite is a problem in which the top jaw is comparatively bigger than the bottom part wheres an underbite is a problem in which the bottom jaw is comparatively bigger than the top part. This problem is fixed with braces as they put gentle pressure on the teeth as well as on the jaw which helps in shaping both top and the bottom jaw.

4. Problem in Chewing and Speech

Misalignment in teeth significantly affects the way you speak and pronounce. Also having crooked teeth makes it difficult to chew certain foods or speak clearly. Braces play a vital role in aligning your jaw and teeth which helps you to eat and speak properly.

5. Self-Esteem Issues Related to Misaligned Teeth

Having a perfect smile boosts your confidence whereas having misaligned teeth causes people to avoid smiling. Braces help you in giving back your lost confidence. It helps in improving the alignment of your teeth which ultimately boosts your self esteem.


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