New Ways to Improve Business Travelers’ Guest Experience

The hospitality industry makes changes according to the new demands from business travelers, particularly as tech-savvy millennials have grown up into their customer segment. Hospitality industry adopts new technologies like artificial intelligence and IOT for improving the experience of guests permanently. The hoteliers always wonder about how to update the hotel for business travelers to maximize the guest experience? To solve this problem we have compiled some of the most relevant needs and ways to satisfy them:

Streamline the check-in process

The business travelers always value a fast and efficient check-in upon their arrival in the hotels.

  • The hotels must implement self-check-in machines or a mobile check-in app so business travelers can avoid lines and minimize the hassle. 
  • Provides keyless entry to a room through smartphones so that the can enter the room easily.   

Make your rooms as functional as possible

You should provide all the facilities within the hotel like wifi access for business travelers that works without restrictions throughout the hotel. Nowadays wifi is considered as a basic commodity and rooms should also be customizable and cozy in order to provide the best possible circumstances for working. 

  • Hotels must provide a perfect room for business travelers that includes easily accessible power outlets and USB ports.
  • Adjust spotlights in the rooms because business travelers usually work long hours and spotlight making reading more comfortable, adjustable. 

Make their business trip safe of bed bugs

Encountering bed bugs in hotels has become one of the biggest concerns for travelers. According to American Entomologist, 34 % of hotel guests are so terrified of bed bugs that they do manual bed bug inspections when arriving at a hotel.  

  • Bed bugs are parasites that can follow travelers all the way from the airport to hotel rooms. So the hotel takes necessary steps to erase the stress of your guests encountering bed bugs by making hotel safe for them. 

Offer the best possible environment for getting rest

It is important for business travelers to sleep well so that they work efficiently on location. So hotels need to adjust the lighting according to their requirements and use bed bug prevention system so that they get a good night’s sleep

  • Make sure all your rooms are soundproof because nothing is more irritating than listening to the sounds of a baby crying next door.
  • Get an adjustable thermostat that can be controlled directly from a smartphone: some people love falling asleep in a cold room, some waking up in a warm bed. It’s all about customization!. 

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