Pros and Cons of Social Media in Youth

Internet becomes a most important part of human life. People spend most of their time on internet without considering the positive and negative effects of internet on their life. Social media connect us with world. Social media is the biggest platform where we can share our views, information, news and make new friends. Internet is used in every place like school, hospital, business and government departments etc.Nowadays everyone has an account on social media whether they are youngsters or senior citizens and spend most of their time in checking news, posts, messages and it connects with whole world.

Social media has some good impacts on our life.

Students learn many things from internet that helps them in their studies. Different websites provide study material like pdf, videos and notes that help us in preparing for exams, making assignments and also provides other important information.

Social media is very helpful to connect us with our relatives, friends and world.We can easily communicate with others through social media through messages, video calls. Internet make the world like a village and information can be shared in few minutes.

Social media is very helpful in creating good relationships between teachers and students. Students can easily communicate with their teachers and social media plays an important role in removing the differences among them.

Social media plays a very big role in spreading awareness among society about environment, political issues, educational topics, international events and disputes etc.

It is very useful in creating job opportunities for unemployed people. Employers need employees and employees want opportunities and social media fulfill the needs of both.

No doubt social media has many pros but there are some cons of social media in human life

It is wastage of time because youth spend most of their time on social media and neglecting their studies that affects their education and carrier.

Sharing information on social media is not safe. We mostly ignore the privacy policies of different sites and our personal information can be easily used by other person.

Many people used social media for sharing wrong information among society that has very bad impacts.

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