Secrets Hotels Don’t Want You to Know

There are various things to consider when planning your hotel stay, the obvious being location, price, and amenities. But how do you know you’re getting the best rate? There are many things to take into consideration. Hotels are not sharing private information with guests if they increase their rates over the weekend because their demand for rooms is higher or that you will pay more for your room in the morning.

This may not be surprising but there are some secrets hotels don’t want you to know. Hotels have a charge for everything, and we guests want to save and use all of our benefits. So if you want to know some good hotel secrets, then read this blog.

There are Surprising Secrets Hotels Don’t Want You To Know.

1. There may be a chance of body under your bed

The body under your hotel bed is one of those urban legends that is actually rooted in fact. Finding human remains is a worst-case scenario. But even if there are no homicide victims stashed under the mattress, the room could have been the site of other unpleasant things. Suicides, murders, assaults, and natural deaths all occur in both high- and low-end properties. The hotel will clean up afterward, but it’s not going to stop renting the room.

2. You can lose your room to someone with high status

You paid in advance for booking the hotels months ago. But if you’re unlucky, you could show up and not have a room. Hotels sometimes overbook to minimize lost revenue from unsold rooms just like the airlines. And if you’re low on the totem pole, you could find yourself getting “walked” to another property. It can be a hassle for you to pay for the new room.

3. There may be hidden hotel fees

Hotels have a different way of charging you hidden fees. Extra money is paid to use the safe in your room and also for night resort fee and charging you for what looks like “complimentary” water and snacks are the best ways they get in your pockets. Some other fees include cancellation, grounds keeping, and the internet that you pay but hidden. You make sure you read your bill correctly to avoid paying any hidden hotel fees.

4. The restaurant recommendations aren’t exactly unbiased

The hotel concierge is a valuable resource for guests to get the information, but he might not be the best person to talk if you’re looking for an unbiased suggestion for where to dine. Concierges might get a kickback for every person they send to a certain restaurant, which means they could be steering you to places because they will line their pockets, not just because they provide great food.

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