Social Media Marketing Strategies for Hotels

Social media marketing is the process of gaining attention and exposure for a business or brand through the use of social media sites. This promotional activity can be done in many forms like posting or sharing photos or videos, to linking to external websites or content and even paid ads through social media platforms. 

It is especially useful in the hospitality industry because social media platform like Facebook is a perfect way to engage with existing and new customers. Social media platforms have built-in analytics tools that allow hotel owners to monitor their engagement and performance. Social networks often include valuable components for hotel promotion and reputation, such as customer reviews and the ability to invite users to events.

Tips for hoteliers to create an effective comprehensive strategy for the hotels:

1. Treat Social Media Like a Community

Social media is supposed to function as a global town hall — but it doesn’t always feel like that. Your team has its work cut out for them when it comes to convincing your followers and future followers that they’re a part of something real.

To the end, you can make your hotel feel more genuine by taking part in the larger community. Most businesses need a “shot in the arm” when it comes to being genuine online, but that goes double for hospitality industries.

2.Crowdsource Interesting Content

Crowdsourced pictures and videos help generate enthusiasm and competitiveness. They also signal trust. The people you reach want to know that you can energize and inspire people. The right creative prompt can catch on like wildfire just doesn’t forget the witty hashtag!

3.Showcase Testimonials and Reviews

Your hotel doesn’t have many nitpickers to contend with. But you should still think proactively. Prominently showcase glowing reviews on your website and social timelines. Consider sending out a call for video reviews, too. A quick endorsement from a family fresh from a pleasant trip will say more than an overwrought ad campaign ever could.

4.Automate Your Social Dispatches

We’ve talked about authenticity and trust but that doesn’t mean you can’t make your life easier. If you don’t relish the idea of posting everything manually, you can use a service to schedule posts throughout the week. And since people may come to you from all over the world, it’s also a great way to target different time zones and make sure nobody’s left out.

5.Include Your Profiles in Mapping Apps

Sometimes, folks find your website or social channels first and then look you up in their favorite mapping app second. But you need to account for the reverse, too. Thankfully, Google makes it easy to claim your local business profile and add your social profiles for an extra touch of authenticity.

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