The Benefits Of Having A Social Media Strategy For Your Hotel

These days, social media has become a great platform for promoting business online. Many hotels have a strong presence on social media but they are not sure about how to better leverage its full potential to meet their business, customer’s preferences or marketing goals. 

Now that social media strategy for hotels has gone from organic to pay to play, hotel brands are honing their social media strategy to get ahead of the game. Content marketing for hotels is very important, but still some hoteliers not aware of how to utilize new marketing ideas.

Social media strategy will help your business take control of your social accounts to leverage your social media presence. 

  1. Finding a purpose for your hotel:

    First, find out the purpose of your hotel, then take steps to fulfill it. Find the answers to these questions like Do you want to reach people near your business? Are you trying to improve the brand advocates? Or perhaps increase traffic to your website? You also find the answer to this question of any social media activity should have an objective behind it.

  2. Choosing content themes

    that will better suit your business and help you balance promotional and non-promotional content and rotate through different themes to keep your channels fresh to support your overall marketing strategy.

  3. Posting the right content for your audience:

    Most people often follow pages on social media to learn and to grow. And it is important for hotels to upload the right content and provide the right data. It directly affects the customer reviews about your hotel. So it must be unique and easy to understand. 

  4. Understanding your channels

    will definitely help your business format content specifically meant for each platform, as opposed to the non-beneficial “cross-promoting” approach which is common practice.

  5. Choosing how often & when to post:

    It wants great research to analyze where your target audiences are online. It is important to influence the target audience and improve the customer experience. A content calendar will help you keep track of what’s going to be posted and when.

  6. Using your channels:

    Using different channels and their features with a purpose, such as Instagram stories, Instagram highlights, etc. You must be aware of each feature of different channels and their features. 

  7. Leveraging your video content:

    It is also beneficial to leveraging your video content if applicable. Each and every available format of social media strategy must be considered when creating content on them. 

  8. Building your visual brand identity and brand presence on social media:

    A social media strategy provides different formats that will help you choose the brand colors, filters and templates to better represent your brand on social media, as well as identifying brand hashtags, leveraging user-generated content for your own benefits, etc.


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