Vintage Engagement Rings and New Engagement Rings

Engagement rings always symbolize the love and commitment between couples. Whether engagement rings are vintage or fancy, they have a very important place in people’s life. But as per my opinion vintage engagement rings are authentic and more valuable than new engagement rings. Each option has its pros – and cons, so ensure you’re aware of them before settling on that one special piece that will remain on your finger for decades to come.

Pros of choosing a vintage engagement ring

  1. Vintage engagement rings have more character

There are millions of people who adore their brand-new engagement rings, but you would be hard-pushed to convince me that they have more character than a vintage ring. Immaculate from every angle, it is their absolute perfection and flashy sparkle that, for me, detracts from their appeal. The vintage engagement rings acquire their gorgeous warm patina look with the age and there is no contest. 

  1. A ring with attached history is more meaningful 

It is quite remarkable that for every vintage ring that is sold, another person, in a completely different era, shopped for it before presenting it to a loved one of their own. Vintage engagement rings are a precious thread linking the past, present, and future, and each has an emotional value that is at the very heart of why they are so loved by many.

  1. Vintage engagement rings are more budget-friendly

Vintage engagement rings are more precious and valuable. They are essentially secondhand, even if this is what gives them much of their charm. The value of a new diamond ring decreases dramatically the moment you slip it on your finger, and if you purchase from one of the world-famous brands like Tiffany, you are paying a substantial premium for the prestige of the brand too.

Pros of choosing a new engagement ring 

  1. New engagement rings are less fragile 

New engagement rings are generally much more robust than vintage rings, although, over time, they too will display signs of wear. Whether you are buying new or vintage, make sure that your engagement ring is checked regularly by an expert – every six months at least. Most rings, old or new, are fragile to some degree, and some styles are more so than others.

  1. New engagement rings are sold with a warranty 

Most reputable jewelers provide a warranty with their engagement rings that guarantees against flaws in the craftsmanship for a designated period of time. With the purchase of any new or vintage ring, it is advisable to check that it is covered under your home insurance. If it’s not, investing in a separate insurance policy will cover any accidental damage or loss.

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