Warning Signs to Looks for When Buying a Wheelchair Van

Purchasing a new wheelchair van is considered as a major investment into our daily convenience. It provides safety and quality of life. It must be important to avoid making a wrong decision when choosing a vehicle that is outdated, unsafe, in an undesirable condition and not suitable for our requirements. Keep these tips in mind when choosing a mobility van from both new and used vans. You don’t end up with a lemon instead of an efficient and comfortable machine when buying a wheelchair van. 

  • Lifts that take too long to set up and use

Mobility vehicle technology is very advanced and new. So that many vehicles do not use lifting mechanisms, they only use slimline ramps and ultra-low floors. The lifts fixed in wheelchair vans are easy to operate, fully automated and easily adjusted. If you are not satisfied with the wheelchair van’s lift, then you can select other advanced models. 

  • Accessible vans that cannot be adapted 

Everyone needs that his mobility van is different from others and different people require unique alterations and modifications to make their driving experience as comfortable as possible. Before taking a decision to buy an accessible van you will need to think carefully about the specific features you want in the wheelchair van that is either already equipped with these adaptations or may be modified on the later date. 

  • Outdated Safety Features

You must consider safety as an important feature when taking a decision and your new must be secure and safe. So it is necessary for you to research the latest safety requirements for wheelchair vans and also make sure that your purchase comes up to standard. The important areas of vans that must be secure are the wheelchair restraints, seating configurations, and any driver adaptations. You must take the advice of professionals and also conducting a personal analysis when checking the safety of an accessible vehicle. 

  • A seller does not prepare to offer advice and customer care

No doubt you have any questions in your mind when you are going to buy your first wheelchair van about choosing the right vehicle for your needs and about the different mobility vehicles options you have available. The accessible trader has full experience in the disability industry and you should concern him for your questions and queries. Don’t be hesitant to ask questions about your doubts and problems and feel free. They have full experience in this industry because they are dealing with large customers every day.   


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