Ways to develop independent learners

Ways to develop independent learners

Learning is a continuous process, each passing day is a new learning experience. However, in the contemporary world it is imperative on one’s part to learn on their own without the aid of teachers, parents or guardians. As the world is in the grip of pandemic, it is all the more important to promote independent learning. Now the question arises how to enable one to become an independent learner.


PREREQUISITE: Learning is often considered to be a two way process. It depends on the learners willingness to apprehend certain topics according to his or her choice. Therefore, the most crucial aspect of developing independent learners is by letting the students understand the need to learn so that they will thrive to learn more and more in the most competitive manner to yield the best possible results.


DEVELOPING COMPREHENSION ABILITY: To develop independent learners it is utmost necessary to develop the understanding power of students with little or no intervention. So that they can be enabled to comprehend the situation in their own manner and not in a traditional manner. Thus helping them to analyse a situation from different angles and finding ways to answer their questions. Thus satisfying their strive to learn more.


STARTING GRADUALLY: Independent learning can be instilled by asking students questions about the learning process or by analyzing different ways such as peer sessions, pairs or alone and their impact on different students according to their cognitive ability.


SETTING REALISTIC GOALS: Initially boost the confidence level of learners by setting achievable goals in a specific amount of time.Then gradually decrease the deadlines to teach them the art of learning under different conditions. Design team games and ask the students to decide their own role depending upon the strength and weaknesses of different participants. This will need them to think about how to achieve their goal and outcome will help them to self assessment.


PROVIDING OPTIMAL ENVIRONMENT: Independent learners must be provided with an environment with self directed learning.Their curiosity to learn more should not be suppressed by by making fun of their innovative ideas rather should be motivated to find answers on their own. Students can learn best with their peers where they are free to express without the fear of getting judged and misunderstood. Thus, to promote independent learning students must be grouped together to share thoughts on particular topics.


IMPACT OF INDEPENDENT LEARNING: To promote the culture of independent learning, it is vital to communicate its impact among masses so that more and more people can be inclined to it. One must need to understand the value of learning by own experiences rather than just rote learning. This culture would help the society to produce more scholars than crammers.


SENSE OF PRIDE: While achieving any goal, motivation plays a vital role in its fulfillment. Therefore, students must be guided in the proper direction of how independent learning would yield guaranteed success. Thus would enable them to bring laurels for their parents, society and nation.


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