What Is Alcohol?

Alcohol is generally in news for negative publicity it earned throughout the world, whether there are cases of accidents, abuse etc. due to over consumption of alcohol. These stories often overshadow the benefits alcohol could provide to one’s health in limited use. There is no doubt that over drinking negatively affects the families of those who are under its influence and their loved ones have to suffer in the long run.


People who drive under the influence of alcohol put not only theirs but others’ lives under risk.

To overcome these problems awareness on the part of the folks is the need of the hour. So the people must know about the health benefits of having moderate alcohol consumption rather than ruining their lives with this poisonous substance. Subsequently, it is imperative to comprehend the positives of alcohol:


PREVENTING HEART DISEASE: Moderate consumption of alcohol can do wonders in curing blockage of arteries. Thus having alcohol in limited fashion will help you to enjoy a more healthy lifestyle.


INCREASES LONGEVITY: Alcohol is considered to be part of Mediterranean diet hence of great benefit if taken with a meal. According to research done at Oxford University in 2001 on a group of 100 people including men and women it is found that alcohol consumption especially wine with meals increased longevity to 18% but rest of the day should be alcohol free.


COUGH REMEDY: Wine has antioxidant properties thus is used with honey and lemon use to cure common cold. Moreover studies have proven that moderate drinkers are more immune to viral infections. Small amounts would help in curing sore throats, muscle pain, congestion and sleeplessness.


POSITIVE IMPACT ON MOOD: Drinking alcohol moderately helps one to boost their mood as it helps to talk more freely without being conscious of what others think. However binge drinking could promote abuse while drinking. Therefore, one must understand the importance of having alcohol in limited amounts because of the presence of ethanol in alcohol which reduces communication between brain cells.


BENEFICIAL FOR ELDERLY: Having alcohol moderately not only helps elderly to remain immune to viral infections but also reduces the chances of Dementia. On the other hand excessive drinking could lead to memory loss or other brain related issues.


KEEPS KIDNEY STONES AT EDGE: According to a study published by Johns Hopkins University moderate drinkers remains safe from kidney stones. This study is based on the fact that caffeine is present in alcohol consumption which results in more peeing thus taking away all kinds of infections from the body. Thus moderate drinkers enjoy plenty of benefits contrary to alcoholics who can destroy their lives with the same substance.


Thus it can be concluded that excess of everything is bad. It is evident that having alcohol in abundance can play havoc with the lives of the people. At the same time, despite all the cons, pros of the same cannot be overlooked as moderate drinkers are more immune to cardiovascular diseases, kidney stones, viral infections and so on. Therefore alcohol is not a poisonous substance rather it solely depends upon its use and how it will impact one’s body.




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