What Is Sterling Silver Jewelry?

Sterling silver is a combination of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% of another metal, such as copper. The 7.5% of another metal is actually used to improve the durability of the finished product. This jewelry is not like the jewelry is plated with silver that will rub off. But fine silver is soft and malleable, It is subject to bending and damage of the jewelry. 

Benefits of sterling silver

There are many benefits of converting fine silver into sterling silver with about 99.9% pure silver. And this is again mixed with 7.5% of another metal like copper, iron, and steel. Sterling silver is less soft than pure silver, and it allows the items to retain the integrity of their shape. It is also less expensive than pure gold. 

Drawbacks of sterling silver

There are also many problems arise with sterling silver. Silver same as gold doesn’t really tarnish but sterling silver can tarnish due to its sensitivity to water and air. The color of silver utensils and plates are changed and looks dark as time passes. This is called oxidizing of the silver. 

Keeping It Lustrous

There are many ways to keep sterling silver tarnish free since alloy metals are more susceptible to tarnish. When you buy a sterling silver item make sure about the tarnish by rubbing your finger over the metal. If you feel any mark on your skin, it means the metal gets worse over time. It is the best idea to regularly clean the metal with a cloth that you use for eyeglasses. 

Don’t wear jewelry when swimming or bathing because water can damage the metal. And do not mix with other jewelry with silver jewelry so that it looks new. 

Sterling silver uses

Sterling silver is used for making many products. In addition to jewelry: earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets, silver is seen in a variety of other household products. Silverware, Plates, Cups, Bottles, Mirrors, Hair clips, electronics, royal jewels and just about any decorative piece you can think of has used silver. 

History of Sterling Silver

Sterling silver was widely valued in history. The Pound sterling is the official currency in the UK. The currency was valued by its weight of sterling silver. It was also used as currency and for trading in Colonial America. The quality of silver items was seen as status symbols. The concept was like wearing your money. Not far from what many people still do today with their jewelry. 

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