What to do when ring is stuck on your finger?

If a ring is stuck on your finger and you start pulling it from the finger, then it means you do something bad that irritate your finger and also make things worse. Pull firmly instead try wiggling and twisting the ring. Don’t force it and relax your hand, rather than holding it rigid. 

If these tips don’t help, then stop doing it. First, you need to try to reduce the swelling of your finger before you try again. Secondly, put your hand under running cold water for 10-30 seconds. After that, you are able to wiggle the ring off without much trouble. 

If the ring is still stuck on your finger, then try something different to reduce swelling: like holding your hand up above your heart, to encourage excess blood to drain, or putting ice on your finger for 5-10 minutes at a time. 

When the ring is still stuck on your finger

If the basic swelling-reduction methods have failed, there are a few more home remedies you can try.

  • The dental floss/string method:– The best idea for removing a ring that is stuck on your finger involves dental floss or string. It will work correctly. 
  • The sports tape/duct tape trick:– In this method, the upper part of the finger is wrapped so that the ring needs to slide over in tape in order to encourage the swelling to reduce/relocate for long enough to fit the ring over it. 
  • The plastic wrap method:– In this method, the ring is removed from the swollen finger by using plastic wrap and butter. This method seems to have less risk of further cutting off blood flow. 

Please note: I strongly recommend against trying any of these home remedies on a finger that’s actually injured, since it sounds like they’ll cause additional stress to the skin and digit.

When the ring is still stuck on your finger

It is time for a drastic method. The jewelers use wire cutter. It is the best method to remove the ring. The jewelers turn them sideways and worked one of the blades between your ring and swollen finger, sliding it in sideways and removing slowly and carefully. 

Once the wire cutter’s blade was in place, the jeweler very abruptly rotated the tool so that the ring’s shank was between the sharp edges of the blades. The jeweler quickly clipped the ring with the wire cutters, and the band of the ring popped open. The pressure on the finger is relieved immediately. He then widened the opening in the back of the ring and was able to slide it off your finger.


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