What you need to know to build a website

Your company website is a first impression to the world. It is a platform where customers and prospects to learn about your company and services or products provided. It is an important channel for engaging people and builds good relationships with customers.

Updating your website requires time and resources, which depends on the size and complexity of your business needs. So you should consider your website updation as a capital investment the same as you hire new employees or buying any equipment. This is a first step to ensuring that you have the right internal buy-in to create the best business case for approval by the executive team.

The Stakeholder Map 

You need to outline each aspect of the business that your website touches (support, marketing, commerce, etc.,) in your user’s journey. This user journey benefits you a lot and used to ensure that you have the right stakeholders.

When you analyze the main points of the user journey, then identify the leader for each aspect of the business that the site touches on the user journey. In larger organizations, it’s important to have them designate the people that will be an active part of the ongoing SCRUM management. The leader will be liable to give reports and feedback but he will not have the time for the level of detail needed for a successful SCRUM process.

Today, a company can easily coordinate with its global team and this is possible only with the help of google design sprints that capture the information. The best approach is a combination of forms with the team members spread in multiple offices. You will find some amazing facts during the research process. You will also conduct the interviews where you can ask the questions to each and every member of the team and get their feedback on the challenges. 

Below is a piece of information you need with how-tos on obtaining and organizing it with a global team: 

  • Personas. Build personas from the information provided by the users for their journey. To do this remotely, I use Google Forms and Survey Monkey depending on the branching needs of the surveys. A form would include fields such as:
  • Visitor Type. Then create a drop-down menu with various choices such as customer, visitor, and returning visitor.
  • Came In Through. In this drop-down, you would include SEO, email campaigns, direct, and others.
  • User Goal. Also create guide fields such as support, more information, drip campaign.

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